FS18OR18 300/500-V

Cca – s3, d1, a3 -According to European Construction Products Regulation CPR R (UE) n.305/11

Reaction to fire REGULATION 305/2011/EU and standard EN 50575

Cables suitable for power supply in buildings and other civil engineering works with the aim of limiting the production and spread of fire and smoke according to the class envisaged.
Compliant with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

  • Standard : EN 50575:2014+A1:2016
  • Class: Cca-s3, d1, a3
  • Classification (CEI UNEL 35016): EN 13501-6
  • Heat and smoke emission during flame development: EN 50399
  • Vertical flame spread: EN 60332-1-2
  • Corrosive and halogenated gases: EN 60754-2

Reference standard :

CEI 20-40 2014/35/UE 2011/65/CE

Cable description :

FLEXIBLE cables for power, signalling and control, insulated in PVC of S18 quality, sheathed in PVC of R18 quality, with special reaction to fire characteristics and conforming to the Construction Regulation (CPR)

Conductor :

Annealed red copper with flexible round cord CLASS 5

Core isolation :

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) quality S18

Colours :

2x Brown / Blue

3G Blue/Brown / Yellow-Green

4G Brown / Black / Grey / Yellow-Green

5G Brown / Black / Grey / Blue / Yellow-Green

Outer sheath :

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheathing, R18 quality.

Colore guaina :


Labeling :

Stamping on insulation every 1 m.

Technical specifications :

Resistant to mechanical stress, fire and flame retardant, very low emission of halogens, fumes,
toxic and corrosive gases. Good behaviour at low temperatures, good flexibility, smoothness and excellent peelability. Good resistance to abrasion.

Rated voltage: Uo/U 300/500 V

Maximum operating temperature: 70° C

Minimum operating temperature: -15° C

Maximum short-circuit temperature: 160° C

Laying conditions :

Minimum installation temperature: 0°C

Recommended minimum bending radius: 4 times the cable diameter

Maximum recommended tensile stress: 50 N/mm² of section

Packaging :

Hanks 100 metres - Wooden reel - Cardboard / plastic reels

Applications :

Cables for the transport of energy and transmission of signals, suitable for fixed installation in indoor areas with dry or wet environments and in areas with fire hazards. Temporary laying in outdoor areas is also permissible. For laying in free air in pipes or ducts and in metal structures.